Hi, My name is Satu Hovi. I am a consultant of the use of wild herbs, a textile historian and an author.

I hold classes and lessons of the following subjects:
Medieval living, food, costumes, cosmetics and herbs. Use of herbs as a medicine, food and cosmetics; building (Medieval) herb gardens

I am the author of the following books (in Finnish):
Keskiajan puvut (Medieval Costumes) Art House 2013
Keskiajan maut (Medieval Tastes) Art House 2015

If you know any person willing to translate them into English and publish them, please let me know.

Below you will find great many articles of the above mentioned subjects. Welcome to visit my pages!

Picture of the layout Hannele Maahinen, other pictures Satu Hovi unless otherwise mentioned
Texts are written by Satu Hovi
Copying any material is strictly forbidden without permission from the author.